Leah's topless secret gets bared on The Bachelor

So The Bachelor Australia's worst kept secret has finally gone to air, but interestingly one of the women to throw Leah Costa's topless body under the bus was fellow bucks party entertainer Simone Ormesher.

Both women, Leah a 24-year-old architecture student and Simone a 25-year-old British expat and office administrator, have had their topless party pictures exposed online, with Simone once known as adult entertainment identity Katie from Melbourne's Bar Babes.

"Bar Babes prides itself on providing some of Melbourne's finest glamorous male and female bar staff, waitresses, naked waitresses and strippers," the website says.

Crocodile tears? Leah's stress at meeting Matty J's sister seemed strange to the other girls. Photo: Ten

Crocodile tears? Leah's stress at meeting Matty J's sister seemed strange to the other girls. Photo: Ten

Although Leah defended her time as a topless waitress, "I have nothing to hide coming in here, I have no issues ... for me the issue is that I felt I have been thrown under the bus", it seemed the other ladies felt it should have been disclosed to Matty J from the beginning.

"I don't think it's fair for Matty to end up with someone who he doesn't really know about, he could be accepting of whatever job that every girl has but it needs to start with the truth 'cause you can probably accept the truth but you can't really forgive a lie," said Elora.

Elora decides to dish the dirt to Kate because "I'm not trying to protect any other girl really, I'm trying to protect Matty".

"I think every girl wants to find love, but not every girl is right for Matty," Elora blunty told Kate.

"Leah, I feel like she might be a bit too wild for Matty, I think he wants a respectful elegant woman ... he doesn't want a party animal or an evil mean girl.

"There are rumours she could be some sort of exotic dancer or ... and the thing that came up was 'oh, maybe she's worried that she's going to get caught'."

It's true that Leah and Simone could both be genuinely searching for love, but Simone's point to Matty J's sister Kate has been that Leah has not played nice in the Bachelor mansion, especially towards her.

"So the first week it was pretty crap because I was up and down on an emotional rollercoaster and I couldn't find my feet and I was struggling really bad, and Leah was looking to break me and make me upset.

"From my point of view, why would anyone come in and start that if they're here for love?"

Matty's sister, whose pregnancy will prevent her from meeting the final two, entered the Bachelor compound expecting to find out more about the women her brother had been dating, but did not have expected to unearth such dirty gossip.

Yet Bachelor fans were not as surprised since the news broke about a month ago and the series has been notorious for having topless staff star on screen - let's not forget Tim Robards and Blake Garvey.

Leah too expected her "colourful life" to come out after she got pulled aside by Kate on the group date.

"So I do everything from promo work to I've done things at the polo, I've done wild sort of parties, they're a little bit you know ... when I was younger I used to be involved in that, I used to do a bit of lingerie waitressing, that sort of stuff."

Leah reassures Kate that she would be happy to discuss it with Matty, but it hadn't come up yet. "I'm still organising it, that sort of stuff, you know boat parties a little bit, with girls."

Although she told Kate that she was no longer one of those girls, she let Kate know about Simone. "Was it just mentioned that, that was my lifestyle? I would just say that I would not be the only person you're having this conversation with."

"Wow, OK I now need to know what the hell is going on with these girls," a stunned Kate retorted, fearing Matty's favourite gal Laura may have a secret stripper side. But Leah reassured her "it's not someone you need to worry about, it's not somebody Matty is going to end up with".

"I think whatever she has been told has been shades of grey and I'm so f---ing angry that it has come from ... whoever the f--- it has come from ... I'm at the point now like, you know what? Game on," Leah told the cameras.

It wasn't long before "mean girl" Leah kicked off at Simone in the house, with the drama continuing at the cocktail party.

To Kate's credit she left it to Matty to learn Leah and Simone's news from the clothes-less-horses' mouths, so he quickly pulled Leah aside, fittingly, in the secret garden. "I feel like I'm the very last person to find out about this ... it's not a deal breaker at all that you do that kind of work, my issue right now is ... ["that she has kept that from me"] exactly, so what else is she keeping from me?"

In a bid to find out the others' secrets since the biggest deal breaker for Matty was lack of honesty, Leah decided now was the time to throw Simone under the bus.

"Deal breaker stuff? Simone has a similar history to me but whether she will be forthcoming with it? I'm not so sure," Leah dobbed. So when Matty suggested there was a history of tension between the two he was shocked to learn that Leah purposefully set about "pushing [Simone's] buttons".

And in the spirit of full disclosure, classy Leah warned Matty that she wasn't wearing underwear as she stood to leave while begging for a rose just so the others' heads could "explode".

Even though Simone had a similar story to tell, which she was "not ashamed of", but "who knows when you're going to want to get to know me more". "It's not my life, it was three years ago. I have this whole new life now, it's not me and I don't want to be labelled as that."

"I'm sorry to put you through this, I'm sorry to make you upset but this conversation does mean a lot to me," Matty reassured her.

Instead of a rose ceremony, Matty J called for Leah's head. "I'm being distracted by all the drama .. and I do think it's best that you leave."

In a parting gift, Leah gave this pearler: "I really wish you luck cutting through the fake bullshit because there's lots of it."

Well, Leah did promise to go out with a bang.

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