Sherwood Road resident raises concerns about tree removal

Complaint: A Sherwood Road resident says she is devastated by the removal of a large tree.

Complaint: A Sherwood Road resident says she is devastated by the removal of a large tree.

A Sherwood Road resident has lodged a complaint with Port Macquarie-Hastings Council about the removal of a large tree on Thursday morning.

Sue-anne Taylor says she is devastated by the removal of the tree.

“It is a major habitat for birds of many varieties, particularly early in the morning and at night,” she said.

“This tree is one of the most outstanding trees in the entire area. It is just devastating that this has happened.

“My concern is that it appears that neighbours were not notified about this tree’s removal.

“I believe that residents should be informed and have the chance to protest or disagree. It would be good to know why this tree was removed prior to it happening.”

The resident also said she was shocked to see the entire tree removed.

“I really thought they were just trimming a few branches back. But they had traffic management in place and diverting cars since 8am.”

She says that also created some safety issues for residents.

I was very shocked to see this tree removed. It’s a landmark.

Sue-anne Taylor

“I was very shocked to see this tree removed. It’s a landmark.”

On its website, council says tree removal or tree pruning is only undertaken after meeting certain criteria.

These include: 

  • Is the tree dangerous or diseased?
  • Is this supported by an arborist report?
  • Will the mature size of the tree exceed the available space and/or will the way the tree grows become an issue?
  • Is the tree in an unsuitable or overcrowded situation?
  • Is there clear evidence of damage to utilities and/or services?
  • Is the tree causing illness or severe allergic reactions and has medical documentation be provided?
  • Is the tree interfering with the efficiency of an existing solar heating appliance? (In most cases thinning of the tree will be the preferred option)
  • Does Queensland Fruit Fly live in the tree?, and
  • Was the tree specifically grown for its edible fruit?

The website also says that applications may be refused if, the tree provides an important habitat for animals and environmental benefits, the tree is located along a creek, the landscape would be significantly affected if the tree was removed for example front boundaries, ridgelines or rural views, or the reason for removing the tree does not fit into one of the reasons above.

A council spokesperson said residents with concerns about tree removal or pruning should contact the customer service department for information.


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