Letter: Better roads for Lake Cathie

I read with interest comments by mayoral candidates and found it quite amusing to hear the comments by sitting councillors. 

For example, the recent reseal of the road north of the bridge at Lake Cathie was not kerb and guttered but I can imagine if this was Port Macquarie or Wauchope, this would be a foregone conclusion?

I see that Ms Pinson wants to make a priority of fixing up Ocean Drive through Lake Cathie as a priority. Well thank goodness someone is listening.

If the main street of Port Macquarie or Wauchope was in the same condition as what the main street of Lake Cathie is in, then the residents would be in uproar. It is no better than a goat track, and with all the development occurring around this area, then I would have thought it would be a priority?

In fact visitors to our home have said that they thought the town was a backwater, by the condition of the main road through the town, and cannot believe that once leaving the road, that there are nice estates within the town.

Finally, the intersection at Abel Tasman Drive, Ocean Drive and the new Seawide estate entrance, Sea Side Drive must have been designed by Mr. Magoo?  

Driving west out of Sea Side Drive, carrying on through to Abel Tasman Drive, if you go straight then you collide with the traffic Island in Abel Tasman Drive. Then if you wish to turn south out of Abel Tasman Drive, you have to take a wide berth or else you clean up the traffic Island on Ocean Drive.

Considering the amount of traffic this intersection will generate, one wonders why a roundabout was not considered?

I raise these matters as it just goes to prove that the engineers/designers of the road systems in the Lake Cathie township are just repeating the mistakes of roads designed in the Hastings/Camden Haven townships.

With these obvious design faults all we will have in the future is a headache for subsequent residents and town planners. But I guess it is a case of out of sight, out of mind for the residents of Lake Cathie/Bonny Hills.

Tony Evans

Lake Cathie


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