Letter: Wright’s Road debacle

When is the Wrights Road roundabout debacle going to be fixed once and for all, all the money that was allocated to that project has basically had no affect except entering the hospital from Oxley Highway north end. Traffic flow has not improved and is a headache for motorists.

Could a set of part time light be installed for peak times in all directions allowing a certain amount of vehicles to move ahead than the other section to go, at the moment there is just a bottleneck of no pre-thought that went into this roundabout, and as for spending all that money to fix nothing someone who planned this tragedy no fix should lose their job as the designer etc would have been on good dollars for a no show effort.

A hundred metres more heading north, well that's another debacle with merging traffic slowing the roundabout.

Port Macquarie’s road infrastructure has always been wrong and the new clowns that run the show haven’t learned from past errors and are not helping in any way. 

So happy motoring people enjoy the drive home.

Anthony Alaban

Port Macquarie


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