Everyone wants to be a fireman at annual open day | photos

Port Macquarie firefighters were in their element at Saturday’s fire station open day.

Station officer Dawn Maynard said the event is important as a way for firefighters to talk fire safety with parents while children enjoy the chance to play fireman for the day.

“Our firies love this day,” Ms Maynard said.

“This is where we can talk directly to parents about everything from fire safety to the importance of changing batteries in their smoke alarm right through to handing out information on how to prepare a fire evacuation plan.

“The open day is also a great way for us to talk about the importance of calling triple-0 in emergency situations.

“We also get questions like, can I burn off in the backyard too. We are available to answer questions over the phone at the station or make an appointment to come and talk with us.”

Ms Maynard said the open day was also good for providing firies the chance to meet the local community.

The open day includes the public gaining access to all fire fighting equipment while handing out potentially life saving resources.

The station officer reiterated the need for all homes to have a fire emergency evacuation plan in place.

“This home escape plan will help get everyone out of the house when an emergency situation arises. As important, is to have an emergency assembly point – a meeting place – as part of this plan,” she said.

“One of the first questions a fire captain will ask at the scene of an emergency is: is everybody out of the home.”

Port Macquarie Fire Station personnel continue to provide pensioners and financially disadvantaged residents with a smoke alarm service which can be arranged by contacting the fire station on Central Road.

About 300 people attended Saturday’s open day at Port Macquarie fire station.

The three main messages from the open day were:

check your smoke alarms and change the battery annually,

ring triple-0 in an emergency situation, and

Have a fire escape plan, including the emergency meeting place.