Letter: Warlters Street woes

Yes, when will someone take responsibility, and stop passing the buck, and finish the roadworks, on the Kmart side of Warlters Street.

It has been left in a disgusting, dangerous manner, and the island intersection of the road is a trip hazard, due to a drop of uneven surface, as well as all the loose rocks being a slip hazard for those trying to walk across, or people with disabilities/the elderly, those with prams.

For the pedestrians using the footpath on that side, rocks are continually being flung at them by the passing traffic and can cause damage to other cars.

They should be cleaned up.  No more excuses.

We notice the new owners to the adjoining, vacant block to Kmart have at least finally, this week, started cleaning up that block, but that's not the road.

R.A. Davidson

Port Macquarie


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