Rain proffers dividends

Cory Lester scored this 19.76kg mulloway from the Hastings on a live herring.

Cory Lester scored this 19.76kg mulloway from the Hastings on a live herring.

At the time of writing it looks like a damp week ahead on the Mid North Coast.

While the forecasts fall short of suggesting any flooding for the local area, we are likely to see more colour added to our local waterways which will pay dividends in the weeks and months to come. It’s all part of nature’s annual cycle, with this time of year generally the start of the best angling season on the mid north coast.

On the beaches, despite most formations having been significantly altered during the recent large seas, some great angling is still on offer. North Beach saw a few school mulloway on offer from the middle section, while the southern section near the break walls produced a few nice bream. Lighthouse has also produced bream and whiting with worms and pipis working well. Tailor numbers have also picked up and should improve further as the beaches begin reforming.

Off the rocks, tailor reports have been consistent with a few nice fish over two kilos now on offer. Best bets locally are either around the Lighthouse or Shelley’s, with pilchards, garfish or lures all worth throwing. A few nice blackfish have also been on offer on cabbage.

For the land-based game enthusiasts, Point Perpendicular or Hat Head are well worth visiting, with longtail tuna, Spanish mackerel and cobia all viable targets. 

In the estuary, the recent big seas saw a spike in blackfish action along the break walls and around the Lady Nelson Wharf. Greenweed, cabbage and weed flies were all successful. The break walls have also been worth a look for bream, and if the river dirties up a little more, results should pick up further.

Flathead numbers remain consistent with pretty well anywhere east of Rawdon Island worth a look, while whiting remain consistent in Limeburners, the back channel and Lake Cathie. On the subject of Lake Cathie, the recent big seas saw a substantial amount of sand enter the front section of the lake, changing the water course considerably.

Whilst still open at present, in the absence of significant flooding, one gets the feeling this extended period of the lake being open, which has now been around 15 months, may be drawing to a close. Mother nature of course will dictate what happens on this front.

Offshore, conditions have again been poor at best with very few opportunities for most to get out in safety and comfort. Those who have managed to take advantage of the brief windows of opportunity have still been doing well on the inshore pelagics, with Spanish mackerel, cobia and the odd spotted mackeral taken in Barries Bay as well as close in off Lake Cathie and Bonny Hills.

Those targeting snapper have also scored a few fish on both baits and plastics, while kingfish numbers remain consistent in around 60 to 70 meters off Plomer. The FAD is also worth a look for mahi mahi.

Until next week, good fishing and tight lines to all.​


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