Port Macquarie taxi drivers issue advice

In the lead up to the busy holiday period Port Macquarie Taxis general manager Steve Read says if people book a cab they should be ready for it. 

Mr Read said that 99 per cent of people are ready for the taxi when it arrives, but there is a small minority who can hold up not only the taxi driver but others who might need the service. 

Taxi drivers can have their patience tested, Mr Read said on a busy night or morning where there might be 100 people waiting for the service and one customer has held up the service by not keeping an eye out. 

Drivers will often ring the operations office in an attempt to make contact with someone who may not have seen them arrive. 

The taxi drivers only earn their wage when someone is in the car being taken to a destination and the metre is on. 

Mr Read said taxi drivers can only be expected to wait a certain amount of time before they drive and pick up the next customer, as otherwise they are not being paid. 

He advises that people should go to the foyer of a hotel, ground floor of an apartment block or the taxi rank at the airport to keep a look out for their ride. 


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