Rebel Tucker named on list of best up-and-coming yoga teachers

Feeling connected: Yoga teacher Rebel Tucker has been recognised by her peers and students.
Feeling connected: Yoga teacher Rebel Tucker has been recognised by her peers and students.

REBEL Tucker has been recognised on a list of the best up-and-coming yoga teachers in Australia and New Zealand.

The website, The Yoga Lunchbox, received 243 nominations for 93 teachers. 

Rebel made the top 10 list.

The process included student testamonials and research after which shortlisted teachers were asked three questions.

The responses were the basis of the final list of 10 teachers.

The Yoga Lunchbox publisher Kara-Leah Grant said Rebel was a hot prospect from the start.

“She had 10 nominations from different students, plus exuded a grounded sense of presence in her website photos,” Kara-Lee said.

She said Rebel’s responses to the three questions demonstrated a well-integrated understanding of yoga beyond asana, which was exactly what they were looking for.

Rebel feels honoured and hopes the listing will promote yoga.

“I just think yoga gives people a chance to feel a bit of space, a bit of peace, and a bit of relaxation, and the more people that feel peace in and of themselves, that creates more harmonious relationships and better workplaces when people can manage stress,” Rebel said.

“Everyone gets caught up in drama these days and it’s about cutting that reactivity and stress to look at things from a greater point of view.”

Rebel said yoga taught people how to slow down, how to breathe and respond, rather than react, in the best way possible for not only themselves but others, the community and the planet.

Rebel has run philosophy workshops at the Ekam Yoga Festival.

She said the vibe of yoga was very strong here.

“I really believe yoga is everything that we need at least to live well and therefore live life a little more,” Rebel said.


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