Hastings Fresh Meats fined by NSW Food Authority

HASTINGS Fresh Meats has received two fines from The New South Wales Food Authority. 

Both fines were issued under the department’s offence code for not complying with requirements of the food safety scheme. 

The business was fined $1320 for allegedly failing to comply with the requirements of a food safety scheme to complete cooking records for ready to eat meats. 

It was also fined $1320 for allegedly failing to implement effective pasteurisation, with  previous warnings issued.

Both offences allegedly took place on June 6, 2016.  

The fine notices were issued on August 19, 2016. 

A department spokesperson said the food authority publishes information on its public register, known as name and shame so the public can easily and transparently access the information.

Hastings Fresh Meats owner Colin Gillespie said he hasn’t done anything wrong and there is absolutely nothing wrong with his product or the health standard of the business. 

He said that he simply didn’t fill out the documentation that the food authority required him to complete. 

“They didn’t show how they wanted the documentation done, they just said do it,” he said. 

Mr Gillespie said that the food authority staff aren’t willing to work with his business or any others who are involved in the meat industry. 

“They just wave their big stick of authority,” he said. 

Mr Gillespie has owned the business for the last 18 months and he said 12 months was spent cleaning the shop, as it was left in a unhygienic state by the previous owner. 

He has worked in the meat industry for over 30 years and said he is passionate about producing high quality product. 

The meat business sells a wide range of products including small goods, beef, lamb, sausages, fruit, vegetables and seafood.

The business was formerly known as Fredo’s before Mr Gillespie bought the premises. 

Fifteen staff members are currently employed to work at Hastings Fresh Meats. 


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