Braithwaite, Reyne and Farnham headline Red Hot Summer Tour at Westport

What a treat awaits punters who grab a ticket to The Red Hot Summer Tour which lands not one, but three, living legends of Australian popular music at Westport Park on February 4, 2017.

Red hot: Daryl Braithwaite can't wait to hit the stage with fellow Oz music legends John Farnham and James Reyne in The Red Hot Summer Tour, February 4.

Red hot: Daryl Braithwaite can't wait to hit the stage with fellow Oz music legends John Farnham and James Reyne in The Red Hot Summer Tour, February 4.

Daryl Braithwaite, James Reyne and John Farnham, will no doubt cause chaos as Baby Boomers, who rocked on in the ‘70s to hits by this Aussie triumvirate, flock to the banks of the Hastings River to relive that decade and beyond. 

That doesn’t even include the younger set who won’t want to miss Shannon Noll and Taxiride who kick off the concert from lunchtime.

Braithwaite says being outdoors if the weather’s right, is a blast and creates a phenomenal atmosphere with the audience who reciprocate the vibe. “It’s good fun playing the hits, you always get a reaction. People hear the opening bars of The Horses or Howzat and go beserk.

“The audience can eat and drink, and with a water view you can’t help but be in a good frame of mind. It just generates that feeling and makes us raise it up another level.

“It’s what we want to do as entertainers. We hope the audience will let go, like maybe they haven’t done for a long time. If the majority go away saying they had a great time, it’s all you can ask for.”

The 67-year-old has friends in Coffs Harbour and would drop in to Port in the ‘70s to go surfing on his way up the coast. He says he didn’t think he would still be doing this all these years after Sherbet first hit the music scene.

“I remember when Howzat came out, you’d get asked ‘do you think you’ll be doing this in 10 years? I think I’d say, ‘maybe if we’re still here and successful’, and here it is 2016.

“Personally I love doing it [performing], as long as the throat is maintained at a good standard, and the enthusiasm is still there after 45 years. Mum always said ‘if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it’.”

Like Farnham, he was a tradesman. “Dad got me an apprenticeship at Cockatoo Island [as a fitter and turner]. As soon as I finished that, about a month later I joined Sherbet.” His dad lived long enough to see him have some success, but was disgusted when his son joined the band full time.

He looks forward to playing with Farnham and good friend Reyne. “I had the opportunity to play with John late last year and again early this year. Playing with John is a bonus. His band is really good. When he sings, it’s such a thrill for everyone.” 

Braithwaite admits he is one of the fortunate ones. “When we do something right, we get clapped, maybe 12 or 13 times in a show. How many other professions get that? People like the songs and you, it’s the motivation to keep going.”

If you can’t wait until February for some Braithwaite magic, he’s at Laurieton United Services Club on Saturday, October 15, at 8pm.


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