LETTER: Let's start creating jobs

Mr OAKESHOTT is claiming unemployment in this LGA has fallen.

This may be because so many young marrieds and other young people have gone off to work in Western Australia and Queensland mines. I know of many from Laurieton.

The best Avenue for employment is at the Port Macquarie industrial area and the shopping centres in Port Macquarie. The Lake Road situation and suggested closure of Acacia Avenue from Lake Road and Chestnut Street is ridiculous.

What should be done is spending funds on widening Lake Road to four lanes instead of spending the funds on Pacific


Could this be just because of the triathlon? This is a great event but permanent job opportunities are more important. The industrial area also needs to be free of being flooded too. Milton Circuit seems to get a lot of problems with floods.

People say the carbon tax has no effect but every new air-conditioner or fridges and freezers etc have all increased in price because of this carbon tax as they all contain refrigerant gases, just to name a few items.

People are not spending as much because of increased electricity costs and shopping centres have been affected badly. Council needs to be promoting employment opportunities not closing them off.

Daphne Johnston OAM, Laurieton

Daphne Johnston OAM, Laurieton

Letter to the editor.

Letter to the editor.


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