New approach to find the perfect housemate with phone app

Innovation in action: Housemate Ninja founder Kellee Morgan.
Innovation in action: Housemate Ninja founder Kellee Morgan.

FINDING the perfect housemate is about to get much easier.

Port Macquarie's Kellee Morgan is developing an app which she likens to dating for housemates without the romance.

Housemate Ninja will be an app-only platform to find the perfect housemate.

The app is in the development phase, and in the meantime, Ms Morgan is working on a manual version, Port Macquarie Housemates, at www.portmacquarie

People with a spare room are linked to those seeking a room using matching criteria, while people looking for a room can also choose to be matched to other potential housemates to create a harmonious share house.

All users of Port Macquarie Housemates will have exclusive access to the pre-launch of the app.

Ms Morgan has a marketing background.

The first public testing of the app for feedback purposes will be done in Port Macquarie in about March.

The app is expected to be launched soon after.

"The view is to hopefully grow [the app] as quickly as I can so I can expand internationally," Ms Morgan said.

She has her sights on cities with a high cost of living and plenty of opportunities.

Meanwhile, Minister for Small Business John Barilaro said small businesses could kick start the new year by taking advantage of the digital economy.

Mr Barilaro is encouraging small businesses throughout NSW to take better advantage of internet and mobile technologies.

"Small businesses, particularly those in regional areas, can find new opportunities to start up, scale up and innovate if they make the digital economy work for them," Mr Barilaro said.

Ms Morgan believes businesses should consider innovation in order to stay ahead.

"Keeping up to date with digital technology can expand your market and expand your offering as well," she said.

Ms Morgan is working to bring together a new group, Hastings Innovation Network, which stems from her journey to find support and resources during the business start-up phase.

She said the network would partner with other organisation to build exposure and networking support for new businesses and people with ideas to create a network of like-minded people.

"We are not in competition with other networks," Ms Morgan said.

"We are supporting what already exists and encouraging young entrepreneurs and businesses to think and embrace new technologies."