Ironman Australia 2014: It's race day

More than 1700 triathletes will swim, ride and run more than 226 kilometres through the Hastings today. It's called 2014 Toyota Ironman Australia.

In case you need a reminder you can find details about road and car park closures here.

And, if you missed out on what happened on Saturday you need to click here and here

Elliot Holtham wins Ironman Australia 2014

SUNDAY 4.04pm: Mel Hauschildt has won - what's more it was her first attempt at a full distance Ironman event.


1 Melissa HAUSCHILDT  (#20) 9:28:42; 2 Lisa MARANGON  (#23) 9:30:49; 3 Melanie BURKE  (#24) 9:32:52; 4 Dimity-Lee DUKE  (#26) 9:43:37; 5 Hillary BISCAY  (#21) 9:55:42

SUNDAY 3.15pm: Elliot Holthman takes the Toyota Ironman Australia title, with Paul Ambrose second and Nick Baldwin third. The leading women are still out there.


1 Elliot HOLTHAM  (#7) 8:35:17; 2 Paul AMBROSE  (#2) 8:37:46; 3 Nick BALDWIN  (#9) 8:41:18;  4 Denis CHEVROT  (#5) 8:44:42; 5 Jason SHORTIS  (#8) 8:47:52

SUNDAY 2.10pm: The race so far has been relatively incident free but there has been some discussion both on the sidelines and in social media circles this year's swim leg may have fallen short by 200 metres. Race advisor Ken Baggs commented on significant changes to the swim leg this year which included a one lap course, rolling start and a break where competitors were required to leave the water briefly to navigate their way over the Settlement Shores weir. Baggs said the were no safety issues at the weir and he would be very surprised if the swim leg fell short as a result of the changes.

"If the first swimmer was out in 40 minutes then it may have been short. If they were out in about 43 minutes then it is probably spot on," Baggs said. "I would be surprised if it was not right. The athletes will certainly tell you if it wasn't."

SUNDAY 2pm: About a third of the way into the 42.2km run Mel Hauschildt is trailling leader Lisa Marangon by about two-and-a-half minutes. Marangon reportedly is looking pretty comfortable.

SUNDAY 12.30pm:  The medical crew expects the pressure to ratchet up from about 3pm when the field starts to cross the line. They expect up to 15 per cent of field to end up on stretchers after the race with more than 175 drips rigged and ready to go. Read Dr Jen Law's assessment: Click here

SUNDAY noon: Defending champion Luke Bell is hot to trot and about to swap the bike for runners as he brings the Ironman Australia 2014 field into the final leg. Of course, not everyone has "just" a 42.2km run to look forward to - there are still many, many athletes out there fighting the conditions on the 180km bike leg.

SUNDAY 10am: Luke Bell and Lisa Maragnon continue to look strong as they head back into Port Macquarie on the bike. Clarence St's edges are packed with volunteers and supporters, and plenty more are enjoying the view from the Glasshouse cafe. Race director Ken Baggs praised the performances of athletes thus far, particularly in handling the challenges of the weir. "There were a few little issues there, but it makes a big difference having experienced volunteers," Mr Baggs said. At least three people withdrew from the swim voluntarily, the race director said. 

SUNDAY 9am: The biggest scare of the morning came from the crowd, when a spectator had a fall and required medical attention. About 8am race caller Pete Murray called for medical assistance for a woman who was prone on Park St. The response from the crowd was immense.

SUNDAY 7.30am: Crowds are pouring into Westport Park and lining the streets as swimmers make their way around the first leg of the 226km course. Talk on the sidelines has centred on the swim break at the Settlement Point weir where swimmers are required to exit the water briefly to navigate the weir stairs before continuing on. Karen Riordan of Redcliffe Tri Club said while it is a little unusual, many swimmers would welcome the break to catch their breath. Luke Bell is looking strong.

SUNDAY 5.30am: Race day is here. Athletes are pouring into the bike compound to make last minute adjustments to their machines before the action gets underway in the Hastings River. There's no denying - it's cold. The weather gurus say from it'll be mostly sunny and between nine and 21 degrees. It won't feel like that during this morning's swim leg.

Pic by @haydenasmith

Pic by @haydenasmith


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