Group seeks assurance on the safety of our water

THE Citizens Against Fluoridation group has asked Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to provide local residents with an assurance that their drinking water is safe.

Citizens Against Fluoridation member, 92-year-old Jean Helson, addressed last Wednesday night’s council meeting on the issue before showing councillors a short video featuring a US paediatrician warning of the health risks to infants from ingesting formula prepared using fluoridated water.

Mrs Helson, a foundation member of CAF, told councillors she was speaking on behalf of future generations. She said she had written to council on a number of occasions demanding a certificate of safety relating to water fluoridation but the assurance had never been provided.

“If council cannot provide a certificate of safety then it must stop poisoning our water and damaging citizens’ health,” she said.

CAF argues there is factual evidence that citizens’ general health and immune systems are undermined by water fluoridation.

”The ultimate insult is that ratepayers are purchasing untreated industrial fluoride waste in order to poison our bodies and to pollute the wider environment,” CAF said in a statement released following last week’s meeting.

“The cost of disposal of this chemical waste (around $250,000 to $300,000) is thus transferred from the polluting industries to ourselves.”

This is an outrage endorsed by government and enforced through evil legislation.”

In a covering letter to councillors, CAF has suggested a number of options including “turning off the fluoride tap” after giving NSW Health one month’s notice and seeking safety assurances, which they say cannot be provided, from NSW Health and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

They also suggest that council sponsors a debate and democratic poll on water fluoridation at a date to be determined.

If council decides to do nothing it will need to “accept the immorality of ratepayers continuing to purchase industry’s toxic fluoride waste and dispersing this into the environment via our drinking water”.

President of the Citizens Against Fluoridation, Doctor John Lusk said the next move was up to council.

“They are urged to do their own research and to discover the truth about water fluoridation for themselves,” he said.

“However we expect them to respond in the best interests of ratepayers, their own families and of future generations.”

Failure to do so would expose PMHC to potential legal challenge from injured parties.”


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