Vintage lives up to grape expectations

LONGPOINT Vineyard has harvested its best vintage since 2000.

Owner Graeme Davies said weather conditions have been perfect for his grapes.

While rain fell heavily, it did not do so for many consecutive days making conditions suitable for a bumper grape season, Mr Davies said.

“The rain didn’t last for weeks and weeks so if anything, it kept the vines going,” he said.

The chambourcin had a 14.2 per cent baume or sugar content, which pleased Mr Davies.

He hoped the cabernet sauvignon variety would develop a little more sugar, then it would be perfect for picking.

About five tonnes of grapes will be picked at Longpoint this season.

Each tonne produces about 1200 bottles of wine.

Mr Davies said experience, pruning technique and vines all contribute to the quality of wine.

“It’s not just the weather,” he said.

Mr Davies said the preparation for this season had run smoothly and weather patterns for our region were returning to normal.

This corker of a vintage, the duo of chambourcin and cabernet sauvignon, will be ready for purchase in 2015.

The vineyard was established in 1995.

Grame Davies in his Long Point vineyard.

Grame Davies in his Long Point vineyard.


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