Road rules driving us roundabout

ROUNDABOUTS cause confusion among drivers across the state and Port Macquarie is no exception.

Transport for NSW has identified rules governing roundabouts as some of the most misunderstood road rules in the state.

The state government has released a guide to the 10 most misunderstood road rules to clear up confusion.

Lighthouse Beach Driving School owner Tania Ross said she was all for educating our drivers.

“Being on the road quite frequently, we do see a lot of weird and wonderful things, particularly on roundabouts,” Ms Ross said.

The roundabout rules in the guide include how to enter a roundabout, turning right and exiting a roundabout.

The guide also covers how to change lanes in a roundabout.

But that rule comes with a word of caution from Ms Ross.

She said changing lanes on small roundabouts in Port Macquarie would not be safe given the lack of space.

The guide also contains information on giving way to pedestrians while turning, mobile phones, merging, keeping left, headlight use, U-turns, safe following distances, school zones and yellow traffic lights.

It acts as a refresher for drivers who have not stayed up-to-date with changes through the years or have forgotten the details of some rules.

“The average person does their test at 17 and they don’t have to do it again until they are 85,” Ms Ross said.

She encourages drivers to read the guide.

The guide’s release coincides with the inaugural Road Rules Awareness Week.

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay said all drivers studied the rules in preparation for getting their licence but too many continued driving without referring back to changes and finding out about new laws.

“Mobile phones were unheard of when many motorists got their driver’s licence, but they all need to know how to use a phone legally while behind the wheel,” he said.

The guide is online at

It will be available at every Roads and Maritime Services registry.

Tania Ross from Lighthouse Beach Driving School.

Tania Ross from Lighthouse Beach Driving School.


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