Special ingredients make for unique Australia Day barbecue

AUSTRALIA Day typically sees backyard barbies searing with snags, and sangas in hand with a splash of “white horse” to set it all off.

Stomachs are filled with the true blue tastes of sizzling prawns and sweet pavlova, or crispy lamb cutlets and lamingtons to follow.

But for some, a few special ingredients make their Australia Day feed particularly unique.

Veneka Neiks Jones, for instance, made this interesting suggestion on the Port News Facebook page: “Slice down a banana, fill with peanut butter and wrap in bacon and foil on the barbeque.”

Simon Thresher liked her idea for the salty, sweet concoction and added, “just throw the whole unpeeled banana on the barbie and then for the last five minutes or so, cut a slit into it and then stick your chocolate bits into said cuts.” 

Danny Blain uses his barbecue to make a pavlova from scratch, and Lisa Johnston insisted a potato salad is only complete with the addition of bacon and onion.

Award-winning chef Todd Richardson from LV’s On Clarence admitted he would stay well clear of the unusual peanut butter, bacon and banana split. 

Instead, he suggested locals try one of his favourite Aussie Day recipes to spice up their celebratory feast. 

Richardson creates a unique blend of flavours by combining charred king prawns with an avocado mousse and watermelon, anchovy salad.

“You can’t get much better than fresh local prawns on the barbecue on Australia Day,” he said.

“And the watermelon with anchovies is something a little bit different, that most people wouldn’t think of, but works really well together.”

Todd Richardson from LV's on Clarence believes his prawn dish is perfect for Australia Day.

Todd Richardson from LV's on Clarence believes his prawn dish is perfect for Australia Day.


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