LETTER: New council roadworks not in priority order

I AM writing in comment on the article published in the Port News on January 4 about planned road works for January and February.

I would like to pose the question to the Council as to why they are doing road works on Ocean Drive between Abel Tasman Drive and Houston Mitchell Drive.

I drive this road every day and cannot see why any money needs to be spent on this particular stretch of road as there are no pot holes or rough surfaces. 

Why is the council throwing good money away doing work that’s not required when that money can be better spent. ie: Houston Mitchell Drive where both ends are just one continuos repair.

I also would like to comment on the proposed pedestrian bridge over Kooloonbung Creek in Port Macquarie. 

Why build another bridge when there are two perfectly good footpaths present already.  This money could also be better spent on roads. 

It appears that the council’s budget is being used mainly for Port Macquarie issues and the other towns in the council area are being forgotten.

Just look at the Stingray Creek bridge issue in North Haven. This has been ongoing now for over 10 years and only gets more expensive with every year and becomes further and further from being replaced. 

A Davy, Lake Cathie

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Letter to the editor


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