Another total fire ban

FORECAST hot, dry and windy conditions have forced authorities to declare a 24-hour, statewide total fire ban from midnight.

It is the third consecutive day such a ban has been enforced across the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology has advised some parts of NSW will have a severe fire danger rating.

The NSW Rural Fire Service advises:

• In these conditions fires will be uncontrollable and fast moving, and could threaten properties with little warning. 

• If a fire breaks out you should only stay with your home if it is well-prepared and you are able to actively defend it.

People should report any unattended fires to Triple Zero.

On a day of Total Fire Ban, there is a ban on any fires out in the open.  

A gas or electric barbeque is allowed, but only if:

• It is on a residential property within 20m of the house or dwelling

• It is under the direct control of a responsible adult 

• The ground around the barbecue is cleared for 2m of all material that can burn

• You have an immediate and continuous supply of water available.

For full details about total fire ban rules, go to  

A total fire ban is in place for NSW.

A total fire ban is in place for NSW.