Koala help is just a phone call away

PORT Macquarie residents are being urged to make use of the Koala Hospital’s 24-hour callout service following another savage attack over the weekend.

    Koala Hospital ecological consultant Milicia McCosh said the attack occurred in the backyard of a Lake Street home at approximately 4am on Saturday morning.

    Neighbours heard a commotion but waited another two hours before contacting anyone. By the time staff from the Koala Hospital arrived, the koala was dead.

    Ms McCosh said many people didn’t realise that the hospital operated a 24-hour callout sevice.

   Anyone who has found a koala that has been hit by a car or attacked by a dog can call 6584 1522 at any time of the day or night and someone from the Koala Hospital will respond.

    Ms McCosh said it was not uncommon for koalas to wander into Port Macquarie yards looking for food – particulatly given the number of  food trees being knocked down for developments such as the Port Macquarie Hospital expansion.

    Koalas are also on the move at the moment looking for mates.

    Ms McCosh said it wasn’t just a problem in the Lake Road area but across the entire city.

    The Koala Hospital is the only facility of its kind in the world and also accepts injured animals from hundreds of kilometres away. It currently has approximately 20 ‘patients’ but often has more.

    Pet owners are urged to keep their dogs locked up a night - particularly if they have food trees in their backyards - to reduce the risk of attack.

    Ms McCosh said domestic dogs could easily inflict fatal injuries on a koala or leave it in such a bad state that euthanasia is the only option.

Injured: A koala recuperating at Port Macquarie’s Koala Hospital.

Injured: A koala recuperating at Port Macquarie’s Koala Hospital.


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