Party of the week

I come out of most David Lynch films scratching my head and mumbling, ''Well, that didn't make a lick of sense.'' So when Dom Perignon unveiled a new advertising campaign photographed by the out-there director, I wasn't sure what to expect.

The ivy Penthouse was blacked out to create a moody atmosphere as guests walked in. Allowing our eyes to adjust, and clutching black flutes of the appropriate bubbles, we were directed into the bedroom section. A still from the ad campaign loomed large while a Lynch-designed bottle carrying his dramatic silver signature was suspended under a spotlight.

The shower was converted into a small room lined with blackboards so guests could imitate Lynch and sign their name in chalk, which glowed in the ultraviolet lights. We then shuffled to the dark (and consequently steamy) main room for speeches and a video featuring Lynch.

Shot in his typical troubled and mysterious way, he said, ''I like to experiment and one idea leads to another and you discover something new and beautiful … It's all about knowledge and experience. Once you have those two things together - BOOM!'' How that relates to Dom Perignon, I'm not sure. But everyone around me nodded, so I figured, as with his films, I'd missed the point.

Then the balcony doors opened to reveal rocker Tim Rogers, resplendent in a gold jacket, belting out a number or two. Everyone gasped, but not from surprise - just to gulp the fresh air. Rogers seemed a strange choice for Dom Perignon, so kind of a perfect choice for David Lynch.

Shelly Horton is editor-at-large of S and a regular on Channel Seven's Sunrise, The Morning Show and Weekend Sunrise.

This story Party of the week first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.