The wrong Lanza

Pictures of Ryan Lanza, the brother of Sandy Hook school gunman Adam Lanza, were used as the focus of community anger on Saturday with his Facebook photo being shared more than 12,000 times in just a couple of hours and many of those shares  incorrectly labelling him as the killer.

After initial confusion, about the identity of the gunman who killed 26 chidlren and adults when he opened fire at the school,  authorities revealed it was Ryan’s younger brother 20-year-old Adam who was believed to be responsible. He was found dead at the scene.

But it didn’t stop the storm of outrage on social media and the sharing of his photo with comments like ‘‘this is the ass hole that killed 20 innocent kindergarden kids & 7 adults.’’

Friends of Ryan Lanza have been reporting on US webpage Businessinsider saying that he has been defending himself on facebook posting comments saying ‘‘IT WASN’T ME I WAS AT WORK IT WASNT ME’’.

This story The wrong Lanza first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.