LETTER: Unwanted duplication

WHAT is it, six months since the RTA and Maritime Service amalgamated  to form the RMS and yet another muliti-disciplinary dysfunctional entity consuming millions of NSW taxpayer dollars?  

Well, wait there’s more, expected by the middle of 2013. That entity will disappear and arising from the ashes will be another even larger and no less dysfunctional department “Service NSW” with all the old hands reapplying for their jobs probably via some over charging employment recruiting agency. 

This is becoming akin to a shuffle of the deck chairs on that infamous shipwreck.   

If we are  going to have amalgamations then maybe like departments with like responsibilities would be an excellent starting point and stop this idiotic duplication of material and human resources.   

Doug Sutton, Wauchope

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor


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