EDITORIAL: Build it and they will come

PORT Macquarie has changed quite a lot in the past decade – some believing for the better and others not so sure.

What we must believe in is the continued growth of our community and how that can best be managed. Whether it is through increased settlement, industry relocation, retaining our youth and providing work for them and all ages and abilities, it must be managed well. 

Sovereign Hills, in the Thrumster area, was touted as a vision for our future growth a decade ago and finally it seems the hope for a thriving community there has now been revived.

With the first home owners set to build their dream residence is the award-winning concept development, McDonald Jones Homes designers hope more interest will be created.

As we all continue to climb out of the GFC, let’s hope the more than 2000 homes set to rise from the soil over the coming decade will boost our economy by stimulating the building industry, bolstering retail and encouraging new goods, services and businesses to our no longer village-like town.

November 21, 2012

November 21, 2012