LETTER: Political stances show they are anything but driftwood

BILL Shorten (Labor) and Joe Hockey (Liberal) had a bi-partisan rant against the Royal Commission into child abuse.

It was therefore curious to hear Shorten say that his mother, in talking him out of being an alter boy, saved him from a paedophile priest and Hockey told us that he had friends who were abused in the Catholic education system.

Then their party leaders blind-sided them by announcing support for the Royal Commission and they both have to backpedal.

Is it a coincidence that both are pretenders for the top job?

If ever there was a more glaring example of politics trumping moral courage, I have yet to see it.

This is a sobering lesson to all politicians that being the first to show moral courage is a better look than being just another piece of driftwood being dragged along with the tide.

Adrian Wollaston, Port Macquarie

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor


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