It's party season: police will be watching

Police are reminding anyone hosting a party at home this summer to plan thoroughly for a fun and hassle-free event.

There are many occasions to celebrate during summer months and many people will choose to throw a party at home, and police are urging anyone planning a party to register the event with local police.

From school formal after-parties and end of year celebrations, to 18th and 21st birthday parties, as well as Christmas parties or casual get togethers; careful planning and following simple safety tips can assist with keeping your party safe.

NSW Police Force Youth Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Carlene York, said throwing a party is about creating memories and having a good time, but poor planning can lead to problems.

“A few simple precautions and proper planning can reduce the risk of issues arising, and ensure everyone remembers the night for the right reasons,” Assistant Commissioner York said.

“We urge anyone planning a party to visit, register the event with their local police and download the Party Tips Pack.

“If we know about your party, police will help you ensure it is lawful, but most importantly, we will have the information and be able to help you if things get out of control.”Assistant Commissioner York added that it is not the police’s responsibility to provide security at private parties.“It is the host’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their guests, which also extends beyond their residence.“We encourage people to maintain a safe party environment and be mindful how their guests’ behaviour impacts on people around them.

“Most party goers are responsible, but we’ve seen an increasing number of parties spoilt by gatecrashers and people who cause damage in the immediate area,” she said.

The Party Tips Checklist provides some suggestions to avoid gatecrashers ruining your party or gathering, including planning suggestions, supervision and security considerations, crowd management techniques and what to do if gatecrashers arrive.If you are planning a function at home, we recommend you take the following precautions:• Register your party with local police and obtain a NSW Police Safe Party Pack. This can be done at any police station or online at: • Further party tips and planning information can be accessed on the “mynite” website ( • Write a guest list and send out written invitations. Do not invite guests via text message, e-mail or social networking sites.

• If gatecrashers arrive, act quickly. Refuse them entry and ask them to leave. If they do not leave, contact the police.• Think about supervision/security for your party. Consider hiring licensed security personnel.

• Remember it is illegal to buy or drink alcohol if you are under 18. It is also illegal for somebody to supply alcohol to a minor.

• Be responsible with service of alcohol, regardless of your guests’ age.• Consider how your guests will get home. Organise transport for those who have had too much to drink.• Don’t allow people to wander around or congregate out the front of your house. Try to confine the party to a backyard, building or enclosed area as it easier for you to control your guests. • Avoid using front yards or street frontages as this attracts uninvited guests/gatecrashers.

Police don't want to end up in your street for an unruly party. Take care, plan and register those parties with the police beforehand.

Police don't want to end up in your street for an unruly party. Take care, plan and register those parties with the police beforehand.


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