Police seek clues after crash injuries

THE accident that occurred at the Oxley Highway and Ocean Drive intersection on Wednesday night is still shrouded in mystery.

Police said until they speak with the driver, who, at the time of print, was still in hospital, they could not act on reports of passengers running from the scene.

Initial reports given to paramedics who attended the scene suggested the driver of the white Ford Falcon was being assaulted by at least one of the occupants of his vehicle at the time of the crash. He allegedly told witnesses he had picked his occupants up earlier before they began attacking him.

Police yesterday confirmed witnesses reported three passengers fleeing the scene after the driver of the white Ford was alleged to have gone through a red light  seconds before the accident. The driver of the Ford was trapped in the wreckage for a short time. He along with three others from the second vehicle including two children aged six and 12 were taken to Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

The driver of the Ford Falcon returned a negative breath analysis but police were still waiting results from a blood test.

Matthew Cooper the 12-year-old who was sitting in the backseat at the time of the accident sported some  bruising and was sore and sorry yesterday when his mother Jane spoke with Port News.

Mrs Cooper wasn’t at the accident scene but said she was relieved her son was able to walk away. She said Matthew was recovering well but would be on crutches after the seatbelt buckle fractured his hip.

“He’ll be out of sport for a little while but he’ll be OK,” she said. “My other son Jamie would normally be sitting on the side of the car that was hit, but, he stayed home because he was tired after getting back from a year 5 camp.” 

Mrs Cooper said Matthew was being driven home from a scout meeting.


If you have any information that may help police, or if you witnessed the accident, call ...

1800 333 000

Young Matt Cooper sporting injuries after the crash.

Young Matt Cooper sporting injuries after the crash.


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