LETTER: Don’t cut special needs

CUTS to NSW Education Specialist Outreach Staff and Teachers Aides are not acceptable (just to make numbers look pretty).

Students in the special needs category have been hurting enough and for long enough.

Every child is different and every child deserves quality, safe, happy schooling. Aide time and access to outreach staff should be increased (not devolved) if higher community care and cost is to be averted within a decade. 

It is not reasonable to pressure schools with equity issues and families in crisis in this way. There is already a huge unmet need in this area. We see that the NSW state Auditor General found a spare billion dollars down the back of the couch and in random coat pockets. I’d be very happy to show the O’Farrell Government how to distribute that among schools in low SES areas, students with additional needs, TAFE centres and health. 

The Daily Telegraph is irresponsible to run any poll which suggests quarantining all autistic students. Many are well behaved and quiet. 

Jane Salmon, Lindfield

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor


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