Koalas, Cheyne, Port and the world

Koalas, Cheyne, Port and the world

Cheyne Flanagan and the volunteers at Port Macquarie's famous koala hospital have felt the gaze of the magazine which claims to have been "inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888".

Environmental journalist Susan Kelly's article, headlined "Will Australia Save its Koalas — Again?", focuses significantly on the Port Macquarie koala Hospital and was posted on National Geographic's website today.

The article is in response to what it describes as the federal government's "historic decision" to list the koala as vulnerable under the threatened species legislation.

You can read the full article,

Meanwhile, in this month's National Geographic the koala issue is explored futher in Mark Jenkins' article "Racing to Rescue Koalas".

And here's the video running on the National Geographic website...