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CoastJet Port United Juniors

WEEKEND results:

U6s - Port United Turtles v Port Saints Cougars

In an even match, the boys went down narrowly to a good attacking team. Tight defence this week by Liam Barnes and Hugh Sharp and all round skills by Ben Oakley were of note. With one round to go, the boys are all very excited about the last training session this week and the final game on Saturday.

U6s - Port United Goannas v Port Saints Lions

The Goannas played the Saints Lions at Findlay and found themselves up against a determined team. The Goannas found their feet in the second half with Matthew Woodham setting up goals for his team mates. Alex Lister cracked a goal kick which was touched into the goal at the other end of the field. Tom Connolly scored with a left footer while Leyton Wall was on hand to finish off some passing moves. Byron Kipreotis and Ryan Walker were solid in defence and attack.

U7s - Port United Emus v Port Saints Sharks

The Emus travelled over to Findlay on Saturday to play Port Saint Sharks. United played another great game with Taran McClure, captain for the day, unlucky not to score with a great long-range shot on goal. Theo Last played a great game, his defensive skills were excellent. Lachlan Scott was in the action all game and played another great defensive game. Lachlan Green's last game for the season saw him pull off the save of the year to save a certain goal.

U7s - Port United Dingoes v Panthers Red

The Dingoes played a great game this week with Zachary Clark finding the back of the net to score the first goal in the second half with help from Trent Allison and Dylan Scott. Jayde Robertson and Matthew Flamish showed how well they can play in the back and Jayden Simmons and Blake McLean helped out on the wing. Imran Rashid had a great overall game.

U8s - Port United Koalas v Panthers End to End

The Koalas played a hard match against Panthers on Saturday. The Koalas demonstrated good teamwork, Lachlan Delis was awarded player of the match showing all-round skill and determination throughout the game. Kai Adams showed great defensive skills and Taine Hunt worked hard in goals. Liam Walker and Torren Hunter kept the pressure on the Panthers during the game and Byron Willis and Byron Yule attacked well.

Camden Haven Gala Day - The Port United under 8 Koalas enjoyed a great. The team played six games and results were one win, two draws and three losses. The boys worked hard together and showed great team skills and passing. Torren Hunter scored seven goals for the Koalas, Kai Adams displayed great defence in the fullback position defending the Koalas’ half well. Lachlan Delis showed speed and great defensive skills, Liam Walker demonstrated his skills with ball control, Dylan Couper and Taine Hunt attacked consistently throughout the day keeping pressure on the opposing teams. Byron Yule worked hard on the field showing improved all round skills and Byron Willis kept the ball moving and attacked well. Overall a great day and games the boys should be very proud of.

U9s - Port United Dragons v Port Saints Cougars

Training at crossing techniques paid off with a lovely pass from man of the match Angus Thompson to Peter Lancashire to score was a highlight of the game. Bradley Slann returned from illness with a fine effort impressing substitute coaches Kevin Slann and Gary Hawkins. Nathan Faux had a strong game to end his much improved season.

U9s - Port United Turtles v Port United Koalas

We were three players down but the Turtles were not deterred and played a hard game against the Port United Koalas. The team played with good attack, defence and goal keeping but the Koalas out played the Turtles. Sam Bailey from the Koalas played for the Turtles to help make up the numbers - thanks Sam. Well done to all the Turtles - Ambrose Kranitis, Christopher Charlton, Dafydd Wall, Kaleb Moran and Liam Howell.

U10s qualifying final - Camden Haven Red (4th) defeated Port United Dragons (1st) 2-1

With half of the team sick with the flu, it was always going to be a hard game against the talents of the Camden Haven Reds in the qualifying final. The boys played well considering, missing a few opportunities due to great defence from the Reds, managing to push through for a great cross to Kobe McClure, scoring the Dragons only goal. This equalled the score, but the Reds scored their second in the closing minutes of the game, ensuring a win.

U10s elimination final - Wauchope Bullocks (5th) defeated Port United Koalas (8th) 3-2

The Koalas season came to a premature end in the elimination final. In windy conditions not conducive to attractive soccer, the spectators were kept on the edge of their seats by a see-sawing game, with neither side able to assert any real advantage. Koalas scored first through Max Carter and by half-time the Bullocks were ahead by 2-1, following some unfortunate defensive lapses. The second half seemed to be going Bullocks way, when on cue from coach Chris, Jarrod Latimer lobbed a ball into the net from about 30m out to even the scores, the Bullocks goalie being deceived by the bounce. Suddenly, the Koala cheer squad came to life with Shelley Latimer, Laura Begbie and Robyn Johnson being audible several kilometres from the ground. Sadly, it wasn't enough to prevent a final Bullocks goal, close to game's end. The Koalas didn't give up during the game and are to be congratulated for their fine sportsmanship during their first competitive season. Everyone has developed their game strongly during the year and can look forward to another good year in 2009.

U11s elimination final - Port United Dragons (6th) defeated Port United Koalas (7th) 2-0

The Dragons defeated the Koalas at Kempsey in a very close but entertaining game, that had the parents from both sides on edge for the entire match. Goal scorer for the Dragons, was the “Flying Jaffa” go the orange boots, well done Adam Ainsworth, others noteworthy in attack include Lachlan Hill, Michael Snow, Kyle Rowland, big defensive effort from the backs Josh Goninon and Bryce Kennedy, to the goalie Blake Pathuis who kept them scoreless and the rest of the team a big three cheers for a job well done.

U13s qualifying final - Port United Dragons (3rd) defeated Camden Haven Red (2nd) on penalties

After getting beaten by Camden Haven Black 6-1 and 4-1 during the season the Dragons knew they were in for a hard match. The Dragons were determined to play well and shut down Ben, the gun striker who had tormented them all year with eight goals in two games. It looked like déjà vu with Ben scoring for Black to make it 1-0 at half-time. The Dragons fought on during the game and, despite some good chances, they were still behind with five minutes to go. Blake Latimer pushed forward and combined with Jackson Patterson to cross the ball to Jack Connolly who had a good first touch and then placed it past the keeper. The Dragons had their tails up but it was 1-1 at the end of regulation time. With no goal coming during the golden goal it came down to penalties. The Dragons missed their first two as did Camden Haven. Then Jackson Patterson and Liam Wright calmly put goals away while the Michael Smee was the hero, stopping all four penalties to help the Dragons win, and claiming Smiths man of the match honours. The boys now have a week’s break before the semi-final in two weeks.

YD1s qualifying final - Port United Dragons (2nd) defeated Upper Macleay Yowies (3rd) 1-0

The Dragons rode their luck on Friday night on more then one occasion! Going into the match on the back of two losses (only three for the season), the Dragons knew they had to lift against a dangerous side despite having rolled them 7-1 last time they clashed. From the outset though, United was under the pump with the long ball tactics utilised by the Yowies. Substitute goalkeeper Shane Williams produced two fine saves to deny the opposition while, at the other end, Joshua Thompson was on hand to fire home the go ahead goal midway through the first half. The second half was very similar to the first with the Yowies keeping pressure on the Dragons defence with balls over the top. Williams was in the action on numerous occasions to earn man of the match honours and quite possibly a Socceroos call up (he was on fire!). United looked like they could open up the Yowies defence when they combined from midfield into attack, but it happened on too few occasions for their coach’s liking. The team now gets a week off before they will meet the winner of the MVR and South West Rocks semi-final for a chance at the grand final. Both of those sides are the two teams who defeated United in the final two rounds of competition, so the Dragons know they have work to do yet if they are to appear in the big one.



Wauchope Ladies Golf

THE three-day Central North Coast Championships were highly successful for local player Jodie Ninness, who took out the major trophies.

Ninness is the Open WGCNC Champion, the Closed Champion and also the Champion of Champions.

In the teams events she featured with Lyn Kelly as winners of the foursomes on Thursday, as well as the Beryl Avery Open (aggregate scratch scores – best 2/3 36 holes).

Other team events were the AA Maloney Cup won by J. Ninness, L. Hobson, L. Kelly and J. Horton, and the Essie Chadwick Salver, where Ninness featured with K. Fowler, M. Kundicevic, and K. Roods.

The tournament was a great achievement for the Wauchope Club, with perfect weather (although a little cool for the early starters), and many accolades were received from visiting players for the course conditions, the hospitality and the entertainment.

Full results are as follows:

OPEN WGCNC champion: Jodie Ninness (Wau) 162, runner-up Carole Blair (F/T) 169.

Closed WGCNC champion: Jodie Ninness (Wau) 162, runner-up Carole Blair (F/T) 169.

Champion of champions: Jodie Ninness (Wau).

Division two champion: Kay Fowler (Wau) 184, runner-up Tina Hamilton (Wau) 189.

Division three champion: Margaret Kindicevic (Wau) 199, runner-up Patricia Kristiansen (Tar) 203.

Division four champion: Vicki Silver (Coffs) 214, runner-up Carol Jennens (Har) 215.

Judith Bransdon Salver - Nett: (best 36 holes over the field - closed) - Kay Fowler (Wau) 138.

36 hole nett:

Division one: Lyn Kelly, (Wau) 150, runner-up Dinah Nutchey-Robinson (Coffs) 152.

Division two: Chris Jones (Wau) 144, runner-up Jean Ramsey, (Cam H) 147.

Division three: Linda Sinclair (Tar) 148, runner-up J. Loadsman (Wau) 153 c/b.

Division four: Lorraine Morrisey (Coffs) 152, runner-up Pam Wills (Wau) 155 c/b.

Beryl Avery open teams: (aggregate scratch scores-best 2/3 36 holes): Wauchope 342. Jodie Ninness, Lyn Kelly.

AA Maloney Cup, closed: (36 hole gross-four nominated players): Wauchope 711. J. Ninness, L. Hobson, L. Kelly, J. Horton.

Essie Chadwick Salver (1st day - 18 holes, best 4/6 nett scores - closed): Wauchope 296. Jodie Ninness 75, Kay Fowler 69, Margaret Kindicevic 76, Karen Roods 76.

Tuesday August 12.

Division one winner gross winner: Jodie Ninness (Wau) 82, nett winner Lyn Hobson (Wau), 73 nett, gross runner-up Carole Blair (F/T) 83, nett runner-up Wendy Price (Port) 74 nett.

Division two gross winner: Kay Fowler (Wau) 92, nett winner Jean Ramsey (Cam H) 69 nett, gross runner-up Ronnie Snell (SWR), 95, nett runner-up Jill Gosling, (Tar), 72 nett.

Division three gross winner: Barbara Britton (Cam H) 98, nett winner Elsie Blake (Tar) 73, gross runner-up Robyn Taylor (Kem) 102 c/b, nett runner-up Enid Brooker (Wau) 74.

Division four gross winner: R. Arnott (Wau) 103, nett winner Vicki Silver (Coffs) 74, gross runner-up Margaret Abra (Wau) 107 c/b, nett runner-up Phyl Barnaby (Wau) 75 c/b.

NTP's fourth hole: division one Jan Swift, division two Kay Fowler, division three Berry Kitchen, division four Sue Thompson.

NTP's 18th hole: division one Rhonda Rowe, division two Margaret Haigh, division three Irene Williams, division four Lee Slack-Smith.

Wednesday, August 13.

Division one gross winner: Jodie Ninness (Wau) 80, nett winner Lyn Kelly (Wau) 73, gross runner-up Joy Lawrence (Saw) 85, nett runner-up Verelle Miller (F/T) 75 c/b.

Division two gross winner: Kay Fowler (Wau) 92, nett winner Chris Jones (Wau) 71 c/b, gross runner-up Tina Hamilton (Wau) 93, nett runner-up Tracey Kean (Saw) 73.

Division three gross winner: Margaret Kundicevic (Wau) 95 c/b, nett winner Patricia Kristiansen (Tar) 69, gross runner-up Linda Sinclair (Tar), 102, nett runner-up Maureen Avery (Wau) 75.

Division four gross winner: Mary Butler (Wau) 104, nett winner Robin Kelso (Wau) 75 c/b, gross runner-up Jocelyn Bakewell (SWR) 106, nett runner-up Lorraine Morrisey (Coffs) 75 c/b.

NTP's fourth hole: division one Joy Lawrence, division two Marie Sellen , division three Marianne Mannell.

NTP's 18th hole: division Jo Horton, division two Helen Packwood, division three Irene Williams, division four Lee Slack-Smith.

Thursday, August 14.

WGCNC champions: J. Ninness and L. Kelly (Wau) 87, runners-up Carol Blair and Marie Smith (F/T) 91.

Division one nett: Margaret Abra and Kay Flanagan (Wau) 71, runners-up Margare Kunicevic and Finola Moorhead (Wau) 73.

Division two gross: Jill Hampton and Trish Wooton (Wing) 99, runners-up Jenny Weda and Robin Mills (Wau) 100, nett Joan Nilon (Saw) and Leonie Everitt (Saw) 72 ½ , runners-up Loraine Morrissey (Coffs) and Betty Waterer (Wau) 73 ½ c/b.

The “Fearsome” Foursomes commence on Wednesday 27th August and conclude on Wednesday 3rd September – good luck to all.

Congratulations to Jo Hudson who has reached Veteran’s Status.


Saturday Business Ladies

NINETEEN ladies enjoyed the winter sunshine last Saturday in a single stableford event, with the winner Jeanette Hardy coming home with 41 points.

In doing so, Hardy reduced her handicap from 28 – 26 (it had to happen eventually!)

Runner-up was Cindy Hale with 39 points, and second runner up was Jenny Smith with 27 on a countback.

Ball winners were I. Gavin, M. Kundicevic, D. Molony, C. Walker, P. Willis, M. Moore and L. Ison.

NTP’s were won by J. Smith on the 4th and J. Hudson on the 18th.

Birdies were recorded by J. Hudson and I. Gavin, while M. Moore, P. Willis and I. Gavin all knocked in Gobbles.

This Saturday is a 2 person ambrose.


Port Panthers Social Golf Club

AN Ambrose event was held on August 10, with 71 visitors.

Trophies were donated by D. Barnes, M. O'Neill, R. Gill and K. Lucus.

Winners: G. Glover, D. Hunt, J. Kesby, C. Cerard 55 7/8; runners-up K. Dalziel, M. Ball, I. Bain, P. Willoughby 56 7/8.

Bradman's: T. Kendall, B. Walker, W. Baillee 74 7/6.

Ball competition winners: G. Fleith, R. McLeish, C. Farley, H. Bennett 57 ¾, m. Titmus, R. Budnick, J. Rafter, R. Hall 58 ¼, A. Collison, K. Paff, W. Jordan, B. Stoertzer 59 7/8.

NTP's fifth: Darren Walsh 165cm, seventh, P. Willoughby 121cm, 13th P. Willoughby 390cm, 16th J. Kebby 315cm.

Smithfield visit $80 for weekend, includes Friday night welcome, Sunday golf, Sunday lunch.

Next weeks event is a four BBB Stableford Smithfield visit, shotgun start 6.45am, starters, the pro shop, recorders, captain.


Port Macquarie Lady Veteran Golfers

ON August 12 a stableford event, secret five holes, 45 players.

Winner: Joan Blackburn 14 pts; runner-up June Marr 11 pts.

Trophy donors were Margaret Wirth and Lady Veterans.

Ball winners: Betty Barron 11 c/b, Jessie Seago 11, Betty Dunn 10 c/b, Norma Melrose 10 c/b, Irene McDonald 10 c/b, Lyn Hyland 10 c/b, Jan Blckburn 10 c/b, Jan Sutton 10 c/b, June 10, Nora Masterton 9, Marj Cotterill 9 c/b.

NTP 13th: June, 16th Linda Richards.

Trophy donor: Lyn Hyland.

Gobblers: Jane Blackburn 11th, Judy Salter 14th, Lorraine Pollock 14th, Judy Mika 10th, Betty Dunn 17th, Pat Parsons 14th, Norma Melrose 10th.

Freddo's 4BBB will be held on August 19, 2008.