EDITORIAL: We need to buy time

IT was a few months back in our pages that we put out a heartfelt plea for the public to apply their thinking caps and see what answers would be forthcoming for the continued operation of Bago Magic.

The theatrical and arts-based institution has done more good for people with (and without) disabilities than will ever get publicly credited. Their workshops and tutorials don’t come without a financial cost and  it is a small price to pay for a wonderful service. But this really is the last plea for a saviour to come forward.

The sum required is $25,000 and whilst this would ensure another year of operation, it would also give vital planning time to make their funding model sustainable and ongoing. On a weekend where McHappy Day raised more than $10,000 locally, there must be an idea or source out there to keep the money flowing in, or some people out there with enough savvy to help with a reinvigorated business plan and  the where with all to sniff out the grants from under previously untapped wells.

See here for ways to help.

November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012