Sponsors needed to keep the Bago Magic alive

A FINANCIAL lifeline is the last ditch hope to secure a community performance group's future.

Two performances with a Roman flavour this week will be Bago Magic's final curtain call unless the group receives a $25,000 a year bail out.

The show will go on regardless this week when Bago Magic and community choir group Blokes Notes team up for a big and bold production based on Roman times.

But ongoing sponsorship is needed to rescue the group after a decline in grant funding. Bago Magic coordinator Mariet Ludriks said the community performance group was simply broke.

Bago Magic is seeking five sponsors to each give $5000 a year to keep it going.

The arts-based group focuses on ensuring accessibility for all people, enabling those with a disability – and others without disabilities – to take part on stage and behind the scenes.

There are weekly workshops under the guidance of tutors at Port Macquarie’s Bourne House.

Bago Magic has about 40 members.

Port Macquarie’s Rob Franks has been part of Bago Magic since its formation in 2001.

He will combine a keen interest in photography with an onstage role in this week’s performances as photographer Ross Smith.

Mrs Ludriks said the participants had all gained incredible skills.

“The skills that come out of Bago Magic blow me away – and not just the participants with a disability – everyone benefits,” she said.

Final preparations are under way before its new production, Red Boar Riot, hits the stage on Friday and Saturday night.

“If we go, I want to go out on a bang,” Mrs Ludriks said.

The men’s community choir, Blokes Notes, will appear alongside the Bago Magic performers in the new production.

Blokes Notes members, dressed as Roman soldiers, took to the streets marching and singing on Thursday night to promote the performance and Bago Magic.

They turned heads as they marched in the CBD and Port Central Shopping Centre.

Tickets are sold out for the two performances of Red Boar Riot.

The story revolves around the rivalry between the village of “Wauchopix” (Wauchope) and its surrounding forest, and “Portius Maximus” (Port Macquarie) and its “Chrystal Coliseum” (the Glasshouse). 


Anyone who can offer a financial helping hand to Bago Magic should call Mariet Ludriks on 0409 909395 or 6585 1865 or email  mmludriks@gmail.com

Even if you can’t, you may be able to recommend people who can ...

* Sponsor or offer assistance

 * Recommend people adept at sourcing grant monies

* Raise the issue via our website, tweets or Facebook appeals

* Ask a local business friend or run a fundraiser

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