Year 12 students are set to sit their Higher School Certificate exams on October 13

Exciting time: Hastings Secondary College, Westport Campus students Paige Hyde and William Lewthwaite graduate from Year 12 on September 21.

Exciting time: Hastings Secondary College, Westport Campus students Paige Hyde and William Lewthwaite graduate from Year 12 on September 21.

IT’S a combination of an exciting but scary time for year 12 students as they finish up at school and go on break to prepare for their final exams, which commence on October 13. 

Hastings Secondary College, Westport Campus student Paige Hyde said she can’t wait for the testing period to end. She hopes to study business law at the University of Newcastle  or at Griffith University. 

William Lewthwaite said he is nervous about sitting his end of year exams. He plans to study sport and exercise science or join the Australian Defence Force. 

In the lead up to the exam period, Hastings Secondary College, Westport Campus year 12 coordinator Andrew Parkin advised the students to listen and take direction from their teachers.

“If offered extra tutoring then take it,” he said. 

Mr Parkin is an advocate of ‘perfect practice makes perfect’. He advises his students to keep doing exams from previous years. 

He said it is important for students to maintain their recreational activities and give themselves a break from study to allow their brains to relax and rejuvenate. 

Mackillop College Year 12 coordinator Phil Lloyd said as the the students have two weeks holiday before the exams, they need to give themselves a break of two or three days before they start studying. 

Mr Lloyd said students should not worry too much about their exam result.

“In 12 months to two years’ time the mark will be irrelevant,” he said.

“There are lots of other doors and entry paths into universities and courses on offer.” 

Mr Lloyd said it is important that students do the best they can in the final exams and apply for as many universities that are available to them. 

“They have to make sure that they are not putting too many eggs in one basket,” he said. 

St Columba Anglican School principal Terry Muldoon encourages students to do their best and while the exam marks do give the students options about what courses to go into, they aren’t everything. 

“As a school we are more than just a mark’s machine,” he said. 

St Columba Anglican School strives to prepare students to become successful in life, to have clarity of vision and courage. 

“We want them to go on and make the world a better place,” Mr Muldoon said. 

St Joseph's Regional College Leader of Pastoral Care for year 12 Heidi Flanagan said the students have been really focused and positive in the lead up to their exams. 

She encourages them to stay motivated and use their study timetable to assist them.

“It’s crucial that they stay healthy, exercise and eat well to maintain balance in their lives,” Ms Flanagan said.

Heritage Christian School senior coordinator Paul Beaver urges the students not to stress, get into a regular sleeping pattern and put their focus on doing past HSC papers. 

Mr Beaver said it is important for students to recognise when they are no longer being productive and take regular breaks. 

“Don’t let the final exams dictate your whole life,” he said. 

“Maintain communication with your family and friends.” 

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