Alcohol containers a problem

ALCOHOL containers make up more than half of the litter alongside the nation’s highways according to research conducted by the Keep Australia Beautiful’s Branded Litter Study.

While the quantity of alcohol containers alongside our highways has fallen from 57.4 per cent of the waste stream in 2007/08 to 53.5 per cent in 2011/12, it still represented a worrying trend.

The most significant contributor to branded litter within this domain was Tooheys, which was associated with more than one third of all alcoholic beverage containers and packaging.

“Trends indentified in the 2011/12 BLS indicate that highway users are less likely to ‘Do the Right Thing’ and that with the presence of so many alcoholic beverage containers one has to question the higher likelihood of drink driving, pushing our national road toll higher.

Other trends emerging from the Branded Litter Study is that supermarket retailers are rapidly increasing their generic brands, which are in turn being represented in the branded litter stream.

Supermarket owned brands (known as private label or generic house brands) command 25 per cent market share, expected to rise to 30 per cent in the future.

There is also an increase of flavoured milk items as well as energy drinks.

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