Gillespie says Oakeshott should announce his intentions immediately

National Party candidate for Lyne: David Gillespie, issued this statement last night after the 2013 Federal election date announcement:

Nationals candidate for Lyne David Gillespie welcomed yesterday's announcement by Prime

Minister Julia Gillard that a Federal election will be held on September 14.

"This will finally give all Australians the opportunity to end this farcical relationship between

Labor, the Greens and the Independents," Mr Gillespie said.

"The election will be a turning point for Australia to get things back on track and to start

making progress instead of the stagnation, chaotic management and lurches from crisis to

crisis that have characterised minority Labor's time in office.

"The Liberals & Nationals will contrast the failures of this government with positive plans

and fresh thinking and we will put to the Australian people a strong and convincing case for


"Now is the time for the Independent member for Lyne to finally end the speculation and

declare his intentions for the good of our local community and all Australians.

"With the election now being called, Mr Oakeshott needs to let the people of the Lyne

electorate know if he will be recontesting the seat rather than waiting until March," Mr

Gillespie said.

"The Nationals already have our team in place and are ready for the challenges of the

Federal campaign over the next eight months.

“This is a chance to get effective representation for Lyne and a fair go for all Australians.

“Billions have been stripped from regional programs. We have endured the broken promise

on the carbon tax, a mining tax that has delivered nothing, the multi-billion dollar school halls

debacle, loss of border protection, cuts to the private health insurance rebate and rapidly

expanding national debt," Mr Gillespie said.

“The Liberals and Nationals will create more jobs, greater opportunities, and prosperity to build

the infrastructure we need and deserve.

"We will provide better access to health and education services, improved road networks.

"I am proud to have been endorsed to represent the Nationals at the Federal election. Our

community and in fact this country has suffered for too long under this Government, the

Greens and the Independents and we now have the chance to let them know what we think,"

Mr Gillespie said.

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