LETTER: No parking for large cafe

In relation to the ‘Your letters’ item titled ‘What about a revised plan’ (Port News, January 16).

Mr. Eldridge’s points are spot on that there is an underlying intention by the council to build this facility for the Marine Rescue plus change rooms, toilets, showers, lifeguard storage and beach kiosk plus 116-seat café/restaurant.

I swim at Town Beach every day and use the facility and I can honestly say an upgrade of the amenities is not before time as you really know you are in a toilet area.

With regards to the 116-seat café/restaurant, “where are the cars going to park”?

The car park is full every holiday time and weekends now. The council would have to build a two-storey car park.

The current Marine Rescue building at Town Beach is not part of a large surf life saving club building, as at Flynns Beach or Tacking Point Beach and certainly the Town Beach site doesn’t need more of council’s grandiose plans - ala the Glasshouse.

If Council wants a 116-seat ‘licenced’ café/restaurant, they should do it on the top floor of the Flynns Beach clubhouse or the Tacking Point clubhouse. The buildings are already there, just perfect.

The best place to put the Marine Rescue, amenities and kiosk is to excavate into the hill between the two roads leading down to Town Beach and forget the café/restaurant.

John O’Dwyer, Port Macquarie

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