Crew’s mascot goes for a swim

THE Golden Lure fishing tournament has experienced its first casualty.

Boat crew Herman’s Heroes lost their mascot Bob overboard on Saturday.

Luckily for the Rastafarian lion named after Bob Marley, the stuffed mascot was wearing a life jacket at the time, which made retrieval easier. Bob was acting as the crew’s spotter and was equipped with binoculars and all.

On Saturday the crew were on their way back to shore when conditions turned rough, they were hit by a squall, and the unthinkable happened, they lost Bob overboard.

Skipper Herman Kaczorowski made the quick decision to turn the boat around and rescue their buddy.

“He literally flew back and hit the windscreen of the boat before he was blown overboard,” he said. “We couldn’t just leave him there so we went back to get him.

“Besides, can you imagine if another boat came across him floating along, they’d be thinking, what the hell is this thing.”

Bob was gaffed and brought back to the safety of the boat. The traumatic experience obviously didn’t affect the lion too much as he was swiftly back to his post on the bow of the boat, albeit without his binoculars, and this time with a little more fishing line fixing him to position.

“Unfortunately Bob wasn’t able to hold onto the binoculars,” Kaczorowski said.

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