VIDEO: Teen captures breakwall shark catch

SHARK sightings continue to make news in Greater Port Macquarie and one local teenager went a step further with some video footage from his mobile phone. 

Port Macquarie's Chris Wakeling captured footage of the incident on Wednesday afternoon.

The 14-year-old was on the breakwall heading towards his favourite haunt - the skate park when something caught his attention. A crowd had gathered at a point on the breakwall and Chris went to investigate.He pulled out his phone and recorded what happened next.

A fisherman had hooked onto a Grey Nurse shark and had managed to get it up near the rocks metres away from the gathering crowd in the process of trying to release it.

Chris said the unnamed fisherman attempted release the hook and set the shark free as the particular species of shark is endangered.

"He was trying for a fair while to free it," Chris said. "It probably took him about 30 minutes."

Despite being so close to the shark the youngster said he wasn't scared and instead said it was a "cool experience" being so close to one of nature's most intriguing species.

"I haven't seen a shark so close up here in Port before," he said. 

At the end of the footage, viewers can see an unnamed man snorkelling just metres away from the shark and as it was released brushed passed the man.

Chris said the man was attempting to get video footage of the shark from underwater.


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