Threat of higher water restrictions

WATER restrictions could be on the way. Falling water levels in the Hastings River prompted Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to suspend pumping from the river to Cowarra Dam.

It is relying on stored water in Cowarra Dam instead.

Mayor Peter Besseling said he thought the council was only a month or so off reconsidering the level of water conservation measures in place.

Mandatory water conservation measures could be upgraded to introduce water restrictions.

That is if decent rain is not received during December and January.

Council’s water supply division is keeping a close eye on the water levels and river flows at the Koree Island pumping station. 

Cr Besseling reminded residents and visitors alike of the need to conserve water.

“Without being able to pump water from the river, water is now being transferred from the drought back-up of Cowarra Dam into the Port Macquarie Dam as the primary water supply,” Cr Besseling said.

Cowarra Dam is down to 67 per cent capacity.

“I think given in the past few years while there has been plenty of rain it is easy for our community to take it for granted that we have plenty of water available,” he said.

“We look set to have a dry summer and that’s going to have a larger impact on our water supply and the community needs to be aware of that this Christmas period, in particular.”

The summer holidays are traditionally the area’s highest water consumption period.

The Hastings is currently on level one mandatory water conservation measures. 

Watering gardens and lawns is allowed on odds and evens days according to house numbers before 10am and after 4pm only. 

No watering is permitted on the 31st of the month.

More information is available at

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