FOTSUN set for take-off

FESTIVAL of the Sun grounds are filling up with tents, couches, sun shades and cars in preparation for the big event.

Cheeky Port Macquarie teens Tony Hunter, 17, Jack Gibson, 19, and Jake Hall, 17, were chilling out while waiting for FOTSUN to take off at 4pm today. Together, they are the Dirty Little Rebels and festival heads can check them out tomorrow  at 12pm.

In the midst of year 12 exams, Hall said finding a balance between the band and books can be a challenge.

“It’s late nights and a lot of coffee,” he said. The boys were crowned Triple J Unearthed winners for last year’s festival, a gig they enjoyed thoroughly.

Following FOTSUN, they went on tour with Grinspoon and have been working hard in a Byron Bay studio to record their first EP.

The band practices twice a week, balancing school and work with their musical passion. Hunter, a Newman Technical College student, appreciates the boost festivals like our’s offers up-and-coming artists.

“It might be smaller than other festivals but big bands still play here and the exposure is great,” he said.

Gibson is a forth year mechanic apprentice and finds a balance between music and work easily.

“We usually know pretty far in advance if we’ve got a gig coming up and work’s always good about it,” he said.

* TICKET WINNERS: The Port News was blown away by the quality of entries for our FOTSUN summer competition. After much deliberation, the three entries below scorched us so much we handed over a double pass to each.

“Dancing, late nights, sunsets, cold beer, sunburn & festive gear! Summer is what we love summer is when we live to our potential!”

Jesse Schmidt wrote.

“Favourite thing about Summer is swimming in waters that are clear and calm so that I may look up into the sunlight of my mind,” Rachel Lowe wrote.

“Summer love, midnight kisses, Shooting stars, secret wishes. Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun-kissed hair. That endless Port Macquarie Summer take me there!” Nikita Ivlev wrote.

Thanks to all who entered for their amazing effort.

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