The search for enlightenment

A SPIRITUAL awakening will take place tonight at the Westport Bowling Club.

Today’s date, 12/12/2012, is expected to generate heightened spiritual energy due to the symmetry of numbers and 12’s status as a master number.

Satsung, a meditation seminar, will be led by Outreach Shanti Mission teacher, Shakti Durga (above). About 120 people are expected to attend the event in a bid to find enlightenment.

Ms Durga said no matter what your beliefs are, meditation can offer benefits on many levels. From stress to relationship breakdowns, meditation builds emotional coping mechanisms in practical ways, she explained.

Participants can also take part in blessings during the seminar.

“People don’t get meditation until they try it,” Ms Durga said.

“It can turn your life around.”

Ms Durga used to be a barrister but quit to teach people to live more empowered lives by donation and have better relationships. 

Tonight’s seminar starts at 6.30pm and the charity requests donations.

The mission hosts weekly meditation sessions every Sunday in Port Macquarie.

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