So far, so regular for the State Cup medical team

IF HIGH blood pressure or asthma is the worst thing Martin Jaffe has to treat this weekend, it’s been a successful one.

The head doctor at the State Cup saw his fair share of complaints on the first day of the tournament, but most were non-serious conditions - just the usual twisted knees and ankles.

A couple of asthmatics and a player suffering from high blood pressure were approaching serious, but nothing on the most concerning case Dr Jaffe has ever come across in his 18 years working at the State Cup.

That happened at a junior State Cup tournament, when a girl suffered renal failure from dehydration.

She was airlifted to Mt Druitt hospital, and later survived.

“That was in Penrith 12 years ago,” Dr Jaffe said.

The February tournament was later moved to Wollongong, to make conditions easier for the kids.

Concussions are also a common condition, thanks to head-clashes between players.

“I haven’t had any today, though,” Dr Jaffe said. “I’ve stitched two lacerations, and had twisted ankles and knees. Some have required ice, but have been back playing again, and others are out for the whole weekend.”

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