Friends turning into foes for Cup

THESE four girls will take to the park against many of their friends this weekend for the State Cup.

Jessica Towle, Jordan Gilmour, Monica Worth and Alannah Hemsley, all 14 at St Paul’s students, have been drafted into the Mudgee Mudcrabs to play in the women’s 20s division.

Joining them will be Rhiannon Chivers and Taylor LoMonaco.

It will be a big learning curve for the Port girls, who got the call-up to play on Tuesday.

They will prove more than a capable part of the team, with Towle and Hemlsey making various representative teams.

Both looked forward to taking to the field for the Mudcrabs.

“It’s going to be good,” Towle said. “I’m excited,” Hemsley said.

It will be the first time any of the girls have played in the womens competition.

They have played in the junior event, though. The girls would be excited to play against the Port Macquarie team.

They know many of that team’s player’s games inside out. “We know all their strengths and weaknesses,” Gilmour said. “But it will be a good game.”

The foursome plays together for the Reece Girls in the Port Macquarie competition.

Their new team won’t have any shortage of middle and link players.

“We all play there,” Towle said. “But we have the skill to play most places on the field.”

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