Parking trial allows for a 2-hour stay

MOTORISTS will have access to more two-hour parking slots in the CBD when a trial begins before Christmas.

The trial time-limit change from one-hour to two-hour limits in sections of the CBD follows concerns from business owners and motorists. Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce also made a submission.

Some businesses believe electronically monitored parking in one-hour zones is bad for trade.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council supported a trial of two-hour parking in Hay Street from Sunset Parade to Clarence Street; Clarence Street from Short Street to Horton Street; Short Street from Clarence Street to Barracks Lane; and Horton Street from Hayward and William streets.

Mayor Peter Besseling said the trial was appropriate.

“The whole idea of a trial is it is tested to see what benefits come from it and what possible issues there are with increasing the parking time limits,” he said.

Cafe 66 owner Phillip Saltafosso believes the council should go a step further and add some 30-minute parking spaces to give flexibility.

“The two-hour trial is a great idea - the one-hour [limit] is useless and I’m getting customers complaining left, right and centre,” he said. 

Glenn Andrew from Andrew’s Sports Store said the two-hour time limit should be permanent with a mix of 30-minute slots too.

“People are avoiding coming into town because of the risk of a fine,” he said.          

THE Humble Sandwich owner Megen McLean agrees with the two-hour trial.

“It’s a ghost town down here now because of the parking sensors,” the Clarence St businesswoman said. “People will come back to the area [with two-hour parking].”

Miss McLean’s business attracts office workers and pedestrians, so she said one-hour sensor monitored limits didn’t really impact her trade.

Beantree Cafe owner Sue Bulmer said the two-hour trial would keep people in the area.

“They will be able to browse around the shops, and for me, they can sit down, have a coffee after the shopping and people can have business meetings,” she said.

Cr Trevor Sargeant was in favour of including the southern end of Horton St in the trial. Close to 1000 signatures were collected on a petition in support for longer parking times. The council will review the trial as part of the overall parking strategy review within the next six months.

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